Utopian Studios Stained Glass & Mosaic

Leaded Stained Glass

Traditional or contemporary designs incorporating imported mouth-blown glass or machine-rolled domestic glass, depending on the client's budget. If desired, the glass can be hand-painted or stained, and then fired in our kiln for a permanent finish before being leaded.

Faceted Dalle Glass

One-inch-thick slabs of glass cut into pieces and chipped, or faceted, for light reflection, then set into epoxy to form a positive/negative design.


Glass, marble, wood, bronze, and tile are among the materials used in our mosaic feature walls and niche fronts.


Utopian Studios has designers on staff who will work with each client to achieve a design solution that complements its surroundings. The studio also works with other nationally-known designers in the fabrication and installation of their work.


Located in Mesa, Arizona, Utopian Studios has a most valuable asset: our experienced and dedicated employees. While we have all the equipment necessary to produce fine works in glass and tile, most of this work is still done by hand using traditional age-old techniques. Our employees know what to do and they do it well.


Whether it's a 45-ft. boom lift, a four-section scaffolding, or a 6-ft. stepladder that is required, we install our work with care and confidence. Our employees are covered by Workers' Compensation insurance, and we have a commercial and residential glazing license for added assurance to our clients that we do quality work.


Each situation requires research and consideration of the many factors involved. Our restoration work is performed according to the most current guidelines of the Stained Glass Association of America, and with respect for the integrity of the windows to be restored.

For more examples of our work on the web, please visit La Casa De Cristo Lutheran Church & Trinity Cathedral.

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